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Please fill out each question, and do not delete the questions.

1) Tell us about yourself! What is your name and approximate age? This can be a nickname or alias, it is simply used so that we may have some sort of identity to refer to you by. Where did you hear about us, for our curiosity's sake? Have you played in an online RP community before, and what sort of community was it?

2) Tell us about your character! Your character overview should be a brief paragraph about the character covering a bit of personality, history, their abilities and potential complications and RP opportunities. See the character listings for examples.

   Source (Original or Media):

3) (Optional) Do you have any particular plans for this character we should know about? Connections with existing or in-application characters, planned plots, etc? If this is a character for a plot, state so here. If this is a potential Antagonist character, state so here.

4) (Optional) If you foresee any issues with your world or character integration, state them here, your plans to address them, and what staff can do to make this transition easier.

5) If your character's World is not yet defined, please write up the description here. See existing World listings for examples.

   Short Description (one sentence blurb):
   Type (Bud, Blossom, etc):
   Description (up to 4k in size):

   ----- Add Notes here, divided by a triple dash. Include a name for the Note and a description. See example below.

   EXAMPLE NOTE 1: Here is an example note description.


   EXAMPLE NOTE 2: Here is another example note description.

6) Perks. What are your characters non-NPC perks and their tags? Divide perks with a triple dash: ---

   Example Perk<Tag>: Short description of 80 characters or less.
   This is an example Perk's description, which can be up to 4k in size, but should usually be much less than that.


   Example Perk2<Tag>: Short description of 80 characters or less.
   This is an example Perk's description, which can be up to 4k in size, but should usually be much less than that.

7) NPCs. What are your NPCs, if any?  Use the same format as the Perks, above.

8) Complications. What complications does your character have? You should have at least three of these. Use the format used for Perks above, but tags are not used on Complications.

9) Personality. Write about your character's personality! What are their goals, how do they react to various common situations? What do they think of their situation in the World Tree environment? Do they have any fears or secrets? How do they react to various types of people? Do they have any hobbies?  This should be at least 300 words generally, up to 800-900, and if staff feels they need more information they may request more. Higher Tier and more complicated concepts will usually require more.

10) Background. Tell us about your character's life and how they ended up where they are. This should usually be between 100 and 500 words, with heavy variation. For media characters that are not alt-U this is usually short, but should give staff a good idea of where in the timeline your character currently exists.

11) Do you have anything else to add that you think might be important?  Put it here!