Short Application

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Please fill out each question, and do not delete the questions.

1) Tell us about yourself! What is your name and approximate age? This can be a nickname or alias, it is simply used so that we may have some sort of identity to refer to you by. Where did you hear about us, for our curiosity's sake? Have you played in an online RP community before, and what sort of community was it?

2) Tell us about your character! Your character overview should be a brief blurb about the character and their world, in 100 words or less

   Source(Original or Source Media):

3) Have you played this character before in another RP Community? If so, when and where, and for how long?

4) (Optional) Do you have any particular plans for this character we should know about? Connections with existing or in-application characters, planned plots, etc? If this is a character for a plot, state so here. If this is a potential Antagonist character, state so here.

5) (Optional) If you foresee any issues with your world or character integration, state them here, your plans to address them, and what staff can do to make this transition easier.