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World Tree Mush uses on-mush character generation, but applies a simple filtering system for generating characters. Players fill out a Short Application to get a concept approval, and finish the full character on mush.

Existing players no longer need to request a character through email, and may instead use the on-mush +altreq command.

Short Application - This is a few quick questions about your character and player, just to screen whether or not your concept is viable for the mush at all. These applications usually have a quick turnaround, and often the immediate response is a password for the character. If not, this stage is used to iron out possible problems with the concept.

Long Application - This is a more lengthy application which covers the topics that you will need to fill out on the mush. If you wish to have your character ready beforehand, you may download and fill this out. However, Long Applications sent into the email inbox will be treated as Short Applications. Staff will not offer a review of character Perks or other abilities until on-mush character generation is started.

Application response times should typically be within 48 hours for a Short Application. During holidays or times of great congestion these times may be longer.

Email applications to: with the subject line: Application - <Character Name> - <World>, like so: Short Application - Goku - Dragon Ball Super